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Reputation Management

The advent of the Internet has made it all too easy for consumers and competitors alike to spread damaging information about a company across the Web. Such damaging content can come in the form of discussion boards, news articles, blog posts and even social network updates. With more and more potential customers turning to the Web to research products and services, negative information, such as bad reviews or complaints, could very well result in a loss of business.
The purpose of Aston Business Solutions’ reputation management service is to proactively protect the integrity of your brand from damaging content dispersed on the Web. The concept behind reputation management is to minimize the damage caused by negative information posted on the Web by consumers or competitors by utilizing ethical search engine optimization strategies to push damaging references off the first page of search results through the promotion of more positive pages.

As part of Aston Business Solutions’ reputation management service, Aston Business Solutions provides its clients a reputation management solution that consists of periodic reports documenting everything that is available about your company or organization online. This report also includes action steps taken by Aston Business Solutions on your behalf.
Aston Business Solutions’ strategies for reputation management include social media management as well as content management. Aston Business Solutions actively monitors any kind of content that is a reflection of your brand including news, Web blogs, discussion forums, Web sites, social media avenues, pictures, videos, etc. Aston Business Solutions also manages your search engine results on the Web.

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Executive Summary

Aston Marketing provides clients with a Reputation Management system that will address all negative comments that are ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Negative listings, especially the higher ranking listings, become stronger over time if immediate action is not taken. Aston Marketing provides a strategy that focuses on suppressing these negative listings using various methods including but not limited to: positive listings, authoritative listings, micro sites, and positive testimonials.

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Reputation Management Strategy

Aston Marketing will provide an extensive Reputation Management campaign to effectively monitor, protect and improve your company’s valuable reputation through citations, micro-site and content development, link building and social monitoring. The removal of negative posts from view in blogs, to your site.



Aston Marketing will prepare a detailed benchmark report that will capture the current rankings of of the campaign by establishing relevant keyword and brand name related searches as well as the current results that are displayed on page one of Google.

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Development of Social Media Accounts

Utilizing social media and web 2.0 properties allows Aston Marketing to effectively manage a wide increasing the authority of other properties. Search engines are currently valuing these social, user interactive websites or “web 2.0” properties more than ever and in some cases, these sites can rank on their own in SERPs. Aston Marketing maintains accounts with 100’s of web 2.0 properties they will provide and develop for the client.


Business Profile Links

Aston Marketing will increase the amount of business profiles related to your web site through Location-Based Services, Check-Ins, Consumer Ratings, Personal Profiles, Industry-Based Directories, Q&As, as well as IYP’s (Internet Yellow Pages).


Promotion of Positive Web Properties

Aston Marketing solicits your guidance to efficiently leverage your own pre-existing web presences to attain rank in SERPs. These web pages may include websites, landing pages, profiles, articles, theses, ect. Additional web properties can be created using sources including blogs, picture galleries, video sites, directories, location based services, and social media.


Content Development & Distribution

Aston Marketing’s team of writers will create original articles and blog posts for distribution on related outlets, while marketing those articles with additional backlinks. This method provides article authority as an effective strategy to increase rank in search results related to the targeted keyword, effectively displacing negative results with positive.

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