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Example SiteWebsite Development

Our website designers at Aston Marketing will develop or enhance your professional website, with your approval, that will be utilized as the main website for you business. Using a sleek, modern, and high quality design tailored to your business, your personalized website will be the primary domain for promoting your business. In addition to creating and or enhancing your website, we will also update content, provide monthly site maintenance, and create a web portal, adding connectivity to other sources attached to your business’ online presence such as various social media sites.

Example SiteIn addition to the primary web site, will create websites generating a video focus, a bookmarking focus, and a blog focus. These sites will contain third party content and user generated content with branded keywords.
We control this content utilizing the authority coming from user generated searches on the web. These websites have a high potential to control positions on page one for a branded search but ultimately, their value comes from providing varied results for a branded search but ultimately, their value comes from providing varied results for key term searches. By “flooding” the search results for a key term, we have the ability to focus on and promote the positive properties that we want to be displayed first.

SocialMediaLogoCollageDevelopment of Web 2.0 Properties

Aston Marketing will create, develop, and manage web 2.0 properties for your brands. By optimizing these properties for brand name searches, Aston Marketing is able to utilize the high authority of third party domains to rank on search engines. Once these properties have been indexed, authority to main sites such as brand homepages, but also have the potential to rank for brand name searches. Some examples of web 2.0 properties include; www.squidoo.com, www.weebly.com, hubpages.com and wordpress.com

PR-release-newspapers-fly-out-of-a-laptopPress Releases

Press releases are one of the most powerful reputation management methods. Sending out branded press releases every other week will populate SERPs for your brand search, but also provide valuable authoritative links to the other properties we will be promoting. Press releases are often picked up by The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance, adding to the credibility of the brand.

forumForum Sites

By creating our own online forum on a domain that already exists with Page Rank and authority, SERPs allow us to combat other forum properties that may have negative posts related to the brand. SERPs are keen on showing

imagesInclusion of Authoritative Page Rank Websites

By using a network of Page Rank (PR) websites with a minimum score of 4, which we create, we will be able to provide “links” that are pointed to the websites we want to rank. These links will supplement the lack of authority on new properties we create and is a necessary aspect of our reputation management strategy. To give an example of PR, cnn.com’s PR is ranked 9 and destinationvacations365.com is ranked 4, while sites such as saverexpress.com ranks at 0.

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