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Low Risk Merchant Account

At Aston Business Solutions we provide our customers with low risk merchant accounts to allow them to grow their business in a positive manner. To provide merchants with the best-quality merchant accounts we bank upon our network of trusted acquiring banks, which guide our expert account managers to find you the best merchant account solution to the credit card processing needs of your business. Therefore, whether you’re a small, medium or large scale business – retail or online merchant, or any other type of business, ABS has low risk merchant account solutions your business needs in order to accept secure payments through credit cards or online.

Items the processor will need in addition to your application:

•    A copy of your DBA, LLC or INC certificate or license.
•    A voided check from your business checking account with your company name on it.
•    3 months bank statements.
•    3 months merchant statements.
•    Copy of the Owner’s DL

Low Risk Merchant Accounts:


•    Retail Establishments (in person credit card swipe)
•    Recurring & Monthly Billing Subscriptions
•    Restaurants, Bars, Mobile Food Eateries
•    Wireless Terminals Iphone/Ipad/Android virtual solutions
•    Hotels, Motels and Lodging
•    Seasonal & Craft Vendors, Flea Markets, Temporary Merchants
•    Lawyers/Attorney Offices, Doctors, Clinics, Physicians
•    Professionals, Contractors, New Businesses
•    Mail And Telephone (MOTO) based business
•    Free Terminals, Rate Comparison
•    Small Business / New Companies
•    Internet/Website Payments Credit Card Processing

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