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Electronic Check Processing

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Electronic Check Processing is a form of electronic payment, formally referred to as ACH (Automated Clearing House). Unlike a traditional wire transfer, it can be used to process higher amounts, or for small payments, which may settle within one to two business days.

ACH is a highly effective method for accepting checks online! Many banks and businesses are converting to ACH processing in order to manage direct payroll deposits, convert conventional paper checks and to offer direct debit options.

ACH transactions are resolved in a process that is similar to paper check transactions. The clearinghouse files all transactions daily and categorizes them by the location of where the check was cashed or deposited.
ABS will provide you with numerous ACH options depending on your business type and requirements. We provide the most advanced processing solutions available in the marketplace.

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Transaction is Created: To create a transaction, the merchant logs onto ABS’ Virtual Terminal and enters the customer information such as Name, Address, Amount of transaction, Routing Number, Check Number, and Bank Account Number.

Transaction is submitted to the Federal Reserve for Authorization: The transaction is submitted by ABS to the Federal Reserve Bank, which allows for the fastest processing. Each transaction is stored in a database, and will be contained within your monthly statement. Note: after a transaction has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled or modified.

Transaction is Cleared or Rejected: Once the transaction has cleared, the credit amount is deposited into the merchant’s checking account. Please note that a bank can reject a transaction after it has been cleared (known as a chargeback). All returns or chargebacks are stored in our database, and are included in your monthly statement. ABS can work with you to minimize costs of returns and chargebacks.

Transactions cannot be completed instantly due to the nature of the Federal Reserve and the structure of the banking industry. A typical ACH transaction completes within 2-3 business days.

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